Hi I’m Monna.

Welcome to my space.

I built this to remind us –

We are made for connection – to God and to each other.

I’m looking for those who see a world full of people all created in God’s image, deserving of love and kindness. I am seeking those who want to find the beauty, the grace and the hope in the middle places.

This is one of those middle places where people of different beliefs and backgrounds can feel safe sharing whatever they’re experiencing, raw and real, highs and lows, and find encouragement. We don’t have to share the same opinions about everything in our lives, just this one – we are all humans, trying to figure out life. We all need forgiveness, hope, love.

I talk about a lot of different things – parenting, love, gardening, politics, relationships, God, and of course, community – because all of life is connected. In my experience, there is no “spiritual” and “unspiritual”.

This is a safe place for questions, doubts and outliers, where we can graciously share different opinions, sit in the tension of unanswered questions. Since I talk a lot about what I learn from Jesus, it’s a place where we can express how learning about what he did and said changes us. Or how we don’t know if we have any faith left. Maybe we don’t even know what faith is or believe it’s real. Wherever you are, there is room for you here. 

I’m determined to make this safe space larger by loving my circle of influence with fierce determination and pushing its edges out till it connects with yours.